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☻~ You're so fine
Want to love you all the time
You're so fine pretty baby
Let me love you all the time

Well I got a girl she's fine and brown
What I like about her, she's mine all mine
She's so fine
Yes she's so fine
You're so fine pretty baby
Let me love you all the time

Well I wanna give you all my money
Buy you diamond, everything
Tell you be mine baby
Then we will make amends

You're so fine, yes you're so fine
You are a fine healthy thing,
Want to love ya all the time

Now you fill me with conversation baby
You make me talk myself to death
I'm in love with you baby and I don't want nobody else
You're so fine, yeah you're so fine
You are a fine healthy thing
I wanna love you all the time

Yeah you're so fine baby, let me love you all the time

Now you know I love you baby
And I just can't help myself
Goin' crazy cause you're lovin' someone else
You're so fine
Yeah you're so fine
You are a fine healthy thing
Let me love you all the time~ ☻


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'Mhmm~ I want more of your body, Not just a kiss~ ♥"
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and you know I want you~"
United States
sasuke uchiha

| Sasuke | 18 | Pan-sexual | 5'7| Raven

Big chested women~
Bitchy women
sweet women
Men [uke kind]

► Dislikes:
saggy Women
Old ladies ewe
rotten Tomatoes
Insulting his Fashion.

Mainly Sasuke Will go for anyone he finds very attracting like Body or Personality [In my opinion] Sasuke loves bitchy women, someone he has to try to get unlike some Ladies, BUT he loves all ladies but his attracted to the most meanest and bossy girls [weird right?] He loves girls that are hard to get, play like they hate him.His Pan-sexual so He'll go for A man/Woman/Anyone.

► Personality:
Sasuke is a Very flirtatious Man and quite girly. His happier then the Regular Sasuke you knew, the 'mean-dick-headed-stubborn-man' This man is carefree and well he thinks about himself a lot conceded? haha, His a player. but when he finds the TRUE LOVE of his life he WILL NEVER CHEAT on that person, he will show all his love to THAT PERSON . But until then he'll probably have a lot of crushes if he doesn't overdue it with the ladies. Sasuke Can be Very sweet and kind person..Lol that means your friend zoned with him. Don't piss him off..He probably Break one of your bones or something if you messing with his love/friend/family whatever it is.
Note/Occ: Sasuke is not Actually pan-sexual i just want to make it that way! thank you! and I'm so sorry if i fail horrible as Road to ninja Sasuke..Plus if your a hater of naruto or SASUKE please..GTFO. My old account Still active not-WHAT-you-THINK


Ex- *the girl waves* Hi

Or any of ruins the page thank you. put actual detail into it, if it's a one liner I'll do a one liner if it's literate I'll do that to.


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Cheerful-Insomniac Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
Araceli hummed softly as he looked through his bag, making sure he had of his needed equipment. He winded up dropping a small bottle of teal paint which rolled away from him. He sighed in annoyance, bending down to grab it, he crawled on the floor for a moment. Once he looked up he'd stood up right in front of him. Araceli gave an awkward chuckle and smiled warmly, blushing lightly. "Oops."
BrooklynRageComing Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
"Hi there~!" She smiled at him, being the cheerful gal she was, "I'm Brooklyn!" She held her hand out for the other to shake. Brooklyn was in a tight, brown tank top with some jean shorts along with some black converse. To top everything off, she had a mocha beanie and a mustache necklace.
The-childish-neko Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
The assassin. Was wondering around bored out of her mind and accidently bump into you

"Sorry "
Your-Sex-Kitten Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
*oddly..not godly
Your-Sex-Kitten Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
Naoki sat outside a bar, godly enough she was a neko. Not a cat at the moment. She looked bored as hell with her head resting in the palm of one of her hands while the other held a small bottle of sake. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of black short shorts and a black half tank that covered her D -possibly DD- sized breasts. The clothes matching her black hair, cat ears and tail
Sweetheart-chan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
[[ YOU. :iconepicstareplz: ]]

Sasuke!!~ Hi~
Rengoku-kootaishi Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
((how to start a roleplay... hmmmm....))
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GAMZEErival12 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
an neko comes up to him,slightly confused seeing she never been around the area "hey,sir do yo mind telling me if you seen my bruder he looks like me though black hair and ears"she whimpered
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Ask--Tenten Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
Hey Sasuke
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Youuu!~ *runs up to him and hugs him tightly from behind* Sasuke-kun...
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